R. Rhodes -

"A little off topic, but I had the pleasure of meeting with Ann Howe for a little one on one Saturday. I want to say she is amazing. She has one of these rare qualities as a politician that she is more worried about the people and the issues than herself. She made a brief comment about herself but the entire conversation revolved around Bullying and Children suicide prevention. I implore, no beg, anyone that is in her district to vote for her. You can not go wrong with a politician that cares more for the people and issues than their ego. Thank you Ann Howe for your time Saturday. We will be in touch."

A. Pacitto -

Regarding a car crash - "We KNEW this would happen at the Baptist Rd. King Sooper! Cmon! Huge accident. Thank God they put a new light at Highway 83 and Highway 105. Ann Howe , you are SO on it. And we need you in office as Commissioner! I don't see anyone else mentioning local concerns. You are MY candidate. I want my High Forest Ranch Neighbors to acknowledge and support you asap! X"

The Hon. Joseph Lachance -

"Colorado, you have the real deal here. I know Ann Howe from New Hampshire and will tell you she is all about the people and our country. Ann Howe will make a great El Paso Commissioner and as a former State Representative from the Live Free or Die state, I wholeheartedly encourage you to vote for Ann Howe as she will represent you well."

Anne P. -

"Here's the thing: I love meeting cool, smart, compassionate, kind, city-savvy and REAL human beings running for office, where it makes a difference. I don't care about what government czar you are married to, or the fear factor you think you have. I want CHANGE in leadership and its incestual baton of power. I had lunch today with Ann Howe who is running for County Commissioner. And while the powers that be want to run on a platform based out of fear, ruling monarchs and status quo big business blessings ....this woman has guts, gumption, a true heart and I find it refreshing. More soon. But pay attention! Do your homework!"

D. Indegrando -

"Excited for you. El Paso County needs you. We all need you."

Patricia W. -

"Thank you Ann Howe for all the tenacious work you are putting into this initiative (I-25); and thanks be to God for always listening to people. ...

Ann is the best, she has all the people first on her agenda for not only Colorado Springs, but for the entire State of Colorado. She knows El Paso County and their needs - she is a WORKER and walks the talk."



D. Maes -

"There are two Republicans that I will support- Darryl Glenn and Ann Howe. I love my Democrat party, but I believe in having an open mind and voting for someone who can make a difference.  There are to many close minds in Washington. Senators and Congressmen voting on bills to accommodate the party, not the interest of the people."

The Hon. Lora Thomas -

" Thank you, Ann Howe for your time and search for a solution." (The Gap)

G. Teal -

" Thanks Ann, and thank you for your leadership on this important issue." (The Gap)

N. Lopez -

"I'm sure I speak for a lot of people, your efforts are very much appreciated.
Thank you for all your hard work!!!"

Thank you everyone!